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From Smoking to Vaping: Week 3


The transition from real cigarettes (analogs) to electronic cigarettes has been far easier than I ever could have anticipated. Smoking an e-cigarette gives you the same kind of enjoyment as smoking an analog. The nicotine liquid (e-liguid) keeps you from the physical cravings of a nicotine addiction, plus you use the same hand to mouth motions and inhaling and exhaling that you do with real cigarettes.

I am still smoking about 3 analogs per day, but there is such a noticeable difference now that I am not smoking 2 packs of real cigarettes per day. The major difference is the harshness and heat. When I smoke an analog, it feels very harsh on my throat and lungs and the heat is uncomfortable on my throat. The vapor produced by an electronic cigarette is not hot and not harsh … a much smoother smoke.

Another huge difference that I have noticed since week two is my sense of smell has returned. It’s amazing the things that I can smell now that I have not been able to smell for many years.

I’m also getting back my taste buds. Because they’ve been so desensitized by cigarettes for so many years, over time I’ve increased the amount of salt I put on foods just to be able to taste. Without thinking about it, I put the same amount of salt on food and found the food was way too salty, so I’ve decreased the amount of salt I’m eating.

My children are very positive and happy that I am giving these a go. They’ve been on my back to quit for years. Next week, one of my daughters will be coming to visit for the holidays and she also give the Super Cigarette a try. I’m hoping that it works out for her as well.

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Vaping It: Week 2


I’m in the second week of “vaping” (the term that electronic cigarette users use for smoking electronic cigarettes). Honestly, I never expected this to be such a positive experience.

I bought a carton of analogs (real cigarettes) when I received my electronic cigarette in the mail. I’m such an addict that the thought of not having the option of smoking a real cigarette when I want one, panicked me. The first week of vaping was one of getting used to it and experimenting. This second week has been one of really enjoying it. I’ve experimented with several different liquid nicotine flavors and have got the whole process down pat and the experience is just like smoking … without all the stink and chemicals. My nicotine cravings are completely satisfied and I really enjoy the flavor of the vapor. I love the tobacco flavor called Marlboro and the one called USA Mix. I’ve heard others like the Winston flavor a lot. But I also got a vial of cola flavored and cherry flavored eliquid and mix them to make cherry coke flavor. It is a really refreshing vapor. Not overly sweet … still has the tobacco flavor but a nice cherry coke after taste.

I still have the analogs and have been smoking about 3 a day. I’m pretty sure they too will be phased out completely eventually. What is very noticeable is the awful smell and taste of a real cigarette after a week of vaping. The cigarette smoke burns my throat now and my sense of smell has returned. The real cigarette smoke also feels much harsher in my lungs now. I am breathing easier and coughing less.

I didn’t anticipate feeling any physical effects such as the sense of smell returning this early in the game, but it is a real bonus. It appears that it doesn’t take very long to actually feel the effects of the “almost” quitting the real cigarettes with all those chemicals. I still reach for one first thing in the morning. This morning, I did and started smoking it. When I stood up, I felt slightly dizzy, just like I did when I was a 16-year old teenager, just starting to smoke.

My brother is a smoker also and he rolls his own. His tobacco is very strong and harsh. I gave him a Super Cigarette Starter Kit and he instantly took to it. He liked it. He was out of tobacco and vaped all day yesterday.

Then he went to the store and bought a can of tobacco. I was hoping that it would be like me … just security having it there. But today, his electronic cigarette is nowhere in sight and he is back to the tobacco. He was so positive about it yesterday that I thought he might eventually be a convert also, but now I’m not sure. I really hope so because his cough is worse than mine was, since he is smoking such a harsh tobacco product. I can now smell his tobacco in the living room when I pass through and it’s pretty rank.

One of my daughters is a smoker also. She’ll be here for the Thanksgiving holidays. I’m going to give her one of the Super Cigarette Starter Kits also and hope that she will enjoy it and be able to quit smoking using it. She has a brand new baby and neither her or her baby needs that smoke.

One thing I really don’t miss is getting literally robbed by the government with their enormous tax on tobacco products. This is really much cheaper than smoking analogs (about 80% cheaper).

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From Smoking to Vaping: Week 1

e-cigarettesThis is my own personal account of my experience with e-cigarettes. I have been smoking since I was 16 and am a two pack per day smoker. At times in the past, I have smoked even more than that.

My mother died of lung cancer a couple of years ago. Anyone who is with a loved one and cares for someone with lung cancer, will have no choice but to at least consider quitting smoking. I’ve literally tried everything on the market, including nicotine patches and nicotine gum. I continued to smoke while using nicotine patches, which actually increased my addiction to nicotine.

Recently I’ve become aware of electronic cigarettes and started reading some of the materials available about them. I did a lot of research into costs, benefits, health concerns, etc.

I decided to give them a try and ordered the Super Cigarette Starter Kit. It’s cost was much less than the $150 to over $200 being charged by companies in malls and on the Net, and it’s the same, basic product. So, if you’re considering trying e-cigarettes out, don’t pay more money than you need to.

Day 1: I immediately started using it after receiving it and since I was experimenting with it, I had only a couple of real cigarettes that day. That night I began to feel ill and went to bed. I had chills and a headache for about half the night, and then began to feel better. The next morning I was back to normal. I asked some questions in an e-cigarette forum and discovered that my reaction was most likely due to nicotine withdrawal, since it’s likely that I had been smoking at a higher level of nicotine than I did on Day 1 of smoking e-cigarettes.

Week 1: During this week, I’ve experimented with different eliquid (nicotine liquid in e-cigarettes) “flavors” ranging from flu-cured tobacco to Marlboro to other flavors. I found that I really enjoyed the Marlboro flavor and a novelty flavor that I purchased.

The feeling and taste of using an e-cigarette is very much like real smoking. The vapor looks like smoke, but without the nasty odor of cigarette smoke. You’re definitely going to smell better smoking e-cigarettes and so is your car and house. The nicotine liquid keeps me from the typical cravings you would expect if you were quitting smoking. There are no cravings at all and it is a completely comfortable experience.

I also noticed my sinuses clearing and my sense of smell beginning to return. My lungs feel better also. I’m using the 24 mg. cartridges (high dose), since I was a pretty heavy smoker of real cigarettes. I also ordered numerous different flavors of eliquid and now refill the cartridges rather than just replace the cartridges when emptied. This is going to save even more money, plus you can experiment with flavors. I ordered a vial of “coke” flavored and “cherry” flavored eliquid and combined them for a refreshing “cherry coke” flavored vapor. It still tastes like tobacco, but there’s a hint of cherry coke aftertaste that is very pleasant.

Am I worried about children being attracted to these novelty flavors? Not really. If a child wants a cherry coke, it’s much cheaper just to pop into a Sheetz or 7-11 and buy a cherry coke. Why would a child search the Internet for flavored nicotine liquid, unless they were already smokers? Anyone who smokes knows that nicotine is an addicting substance and that these products are not meant for children or pregnant women. The FDA would have you believe that simply because some novelty flavors are available, that they are being marketed to children. That simply is not the case. Do they think that adults who are already addicted to nicotine do not like flavors? Quite simply, they do and that is who they are being marketed to. I haven’t been a child for quite some time but I love the cherry coke flavor. I doubt that a non-smoking teen would enjoy their cherry coke laced with a tobacco flavor, when they can enjoy a refreshing cherry coke soda from the local convenience store.

So that’s my experience with e-cigarettes for the first week. I’ll follow up with some posts on my progress and experiences with “vaping” and some e-cigarette tips in my next posts.

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