How E-Cigarettes Work


A futuristic advance in science that looks, feels, tastes like a tobacco cigarette and requires the same mechanical motions. They expel an almost odorless water vapor that looks like smoke, but isn’t. The secret to what makes the E-Cigarettes better than traditional smoking is what’s inside this revolutionary product.

E-Cigarettes are driven by modern microelectronic technology. The body is an integrated structure made up of a cartridge, an atomization chamber, a smart chip controller and lithium battery. In the front of the device is an operating mode indicator that lights up when you use it and simulates the burn of a tobacco cigarette.

The most intriguing part of the E-Cigarette is the atomization chamber. This is where the magic takes place. The atomizer is responsible for creating the vapor like smoke, very much like a real cigarette. This vapor is a result from the heating up or atomizing of the liquid inside the cartridge. The atomizer produces the vapor that when inhaled, gives the user the physical sensation and nicotine hit that smokers crave. It gives you the full effect of smoking real tobacco without harsh tobacco smoke and without second hand irritation.

Electronic cigarettes are really becoming the best alternative to smoking. Start Vaping Today.

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