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Which Type of Electronic Cigarette is Best for You?


Basically, there are two main types of electronic cigarette … actually, more but two important ones in my opinion.  I’ve read a lot of bad reviews on the mini-electronic-cigarette, so I won’t discuss those.

The first one is often recommended for newbies to electronic cigarettes because they are 2-piece and very easy to operate.  You simply use them and when the cartridge is empty, discard it and replace it with another cartridge.  That’s all there is to it.  They come with 2 batteries and you will need to keep one charged and use one.  Those are the only two pieces that come with this electronic cigarette, the battery and the cartridge.  The cartridge contains the atomizer and the nicotine liquid (eliquid).  You can buy the replacement cartridges in different strengths depending on what you want, from strong to mild to no nicotine at all.  The Super Cigarette Electronic Cigarette is this type of electronic cigarette.  The Super Cigarette Electronic Cigarette also has the advantage of being able to be refilled using any strength eliquid you choose. Many 2-piece electronic cigarettes cannot be refilled … you can only purchase cartridges for them, which is a more expensive way to go, but if you like the ease of just replacing the cartridge, this is a good electronic cigarette for you.

joyeThe Joye 510 is a 3-piece electronic cigarette.  It’s often a favorite of more experienced e-cigarette users.  It consists of the battery, the atomizer and the cartridge.  You can also purchase additional cartridges for this electronic cigarette, but it is most often refilled with the eliquid of your choice, using the strength and even different flavors of eliquid that you prefer.

Both types of electronic cigarette comes with a charger for the batteries, two batteries (one for use while the other is charging), and extra cartridges. In addition, the Joye 510 comes with 2 atomizers.  Additional cartridges, atomizers, batteries for replacement when needed are available for both types of electronic cigarettes.

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How E-Cigarettes Work


A futuristic advance in science that looks, feels, tastes like a tobacco cigarette and requires the same mechanical motions. They expel an almost odorless water vapor that looks like smoke, but isn’t. The secret to what makes the E-Cigarettes better than traditional smoking is what’s inside this revolutionary product.

E-Cigarettes are driven by modern microelectronic technology. The body is an integrated structure made up of a cartridge, an atomization chamber, a smart chip controller and lithium battery. In the front of the device is an operating mode indicator that lights up when you use it and simulates the burn of a tobacco cigarette.

The most intriguing part of the E-Cigarette is the atomization chamber. This is where the magic takes place. The atomizer is responsible for creating the vapor like smoke, very much like a real cigarette. This vapor is a result from the heating up or atomizing of the liquid inside the cartridge. The atomizer produces the vapor that when inhaled, gives the user the physical sensation and nicotine hit that smokers crave. It gives you the full effect of smoking real tobacco without harsh tobacco smoke and without second hand irritation.

Electronic cigarettes are really becoming the best alternative to smoking. Start Vaping Today.

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Benefits of E-cigarettes


Being a 2-pack a day smoker, I’ve tried several products that were touted as a smoking alternative, including nicotine patches and nicotine gum. Neither of them worked for me. Using the highest strength nicotine patch, I still continued to smoke a pack of cigarettes per day, thereby increasing my nicotine intake. The gum did nothing for me at all … and tasted bad to boot.

Now there is another alternative to smoking cigarettes that is being sold in the US. It’s called an electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, and works by providing a dose of nicotine by inhaling a liquid nicotine vapor solution in varying strengths.

The e-cigarettes have a flavor that is very much like tobacco and also provides the satisfaction of “smoking” similar to smoking real cigarettes, but without tobacco, tar, smoke or combustion in its operation. Available tobacco flavors include flavors that are similar to Marlboro, Winston, Kent, Camel, flu-cured tobacco and even Menthol.

How do electronic cigarettes work?

There are several different types of electronic cigarettes on the market, including a “pen-style” in different colors to those that actually look like a real cigarette. Although there are several different styles, they all work in the same manner. They employ a rechargeable battery, an atomizer, a cartridge that contains the nicotine solution and a mouthpiece. When you inhale from an e-cigarette, the air activates the atomizer. The atomizer then vaporizes a small amount of the nicotine liquid in the cartridge, which is also the plastic mouthpiece.

There are basically two types of e-cigarettes2- piece and 3-piece. The 2-piece models generally provide you with the rechargeable battery component and the cartridge in varying nicotine strengths. The cartridge also contains the vaporizer. You attach a cartridge to the battery and it’s ready to use. When the cartridge is empty, you replace it, or on some of the models, you can also top it off with e-liquid (the nicotine solution). The 3-piece consists of the rechargeable battery, the atomizer and a cartridge. These models are generally used with the e-liquid to refill the cartridges as needed, but you can also order the cartridges and replace when needed if you prefer, although it is more economical to order the e-liquid and refill the cartridges as needed. The nicotine cartridges come in strengths from high to zero nicotine, as well as tobacco or menthol flavoring.

However, there are marked differences between e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes contain nicotine, but do not contain cancer carcinogens such as tar. There is no flame or hot ash, so there is less likelihood of starting a fire with electronic cigarettes. The vapor looks like smoke, but doesn’t have a bad odor and does not linger in the air, or in your hair and clothing. There is considerably less waste from electronic cigarettes. Instead of twenty cigarette butts and an empty package, there is one small plastic mouthpiece and one cartridge, which is refillable. The positive impact on the environment from that alone is staggering.

E-cigarettes have not been tested or proven to aid in smoking cessation, but many electronic cigarette reviews found online and in forums have stated an ease in transition from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. The growing benefits of electronic cigarettes are quickly making this device one of the greatest little discoveries of our time.

Major Benefits of E-Cigarettes

Smoke from a cigarette, pipe, or cigar is made up of many additional toxic chemicals, including tar and carbon monoxide. Tar is a sticky substance that forms into deposits in the lungs, causing lung cancer and respiratory distress. Carbon monoxide limits the amount of oxygen that the red blood cells can convey throughout your body. Also, it may damage the inner walls of the arteries, which allows fat to build up in them.

Besides tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke contains 4,000 different chemicals. More than 200 of these chemicals are known be toxic. Nonsmokers who are exposed to tobacco smoke also take in these toxic chemicals. They inhale the smoke exhaled by the smoker as well as the more toxic sidestream smoke—the smoke from the end of the burning cigarette, cigar, or pipe. Source

Electronic cigarettes contain about 20 ingredients which are commonly found in our food, health and beauty products. E-cigarettes have about the same amount of TSNAs (tobacco specific nitrosamines) as in FDA approved Nicotine Replacement Therapy products.

You can also save a considerable amount of money using e-cigarettes. With the high taxes on tobacco products, the cost of tobacco cigarettes has sky-rocketed, costing over $5.00 per pack and for the average smoker, over $1000 per year. In comparison, the cost of e-cigarettes is up to 80% less than the cost of tobacco cigarettes (approximately $2.50 per pack). A cartridge for electronic cigarettes can last the equivalent of two regular packs of tobacco cigarettes and even more can be saved if you refill or top off the cartridges with e-liquid. While there are numerous electronic cigarette companies selling e-cigarettes for $150 to $200 for a starter kit, reasonably priced electronic cigarettes are available online, along with replacement batteries, cartridges, vaporizers and e-liquid.

More Benefits of E-cigarettes

* No more standing outside to smoke cigarettes
* No lost productivity at work for cigarette breaks
* No unsightly cigarette butts and dirty ashtrays
* No tar or Carbon Monoxide
* No Fire Hazard or Hot Ashes to Burn Clothing or Furniture
* No Offensive smelling smoke or second-hand smoke
* No bad cigarette smoke odor on breath, hair, clothing or furniture

Even second hand smoke has been proven to have adverse medical affects. Because of this, many states and counties within the United States have banned smoking in public places, leaving many smokers out in the cold, sometimes literally.

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